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Here at Secure Mediation, We pride ourselves on our reputation

Please view a few of our testimonials below from some of our recent clients.

"Without Ray agreement would not have been reached, he kept both parties in dialogue & used a novel approach to gaining agreement Mr R. Niziolek - Commercial Director, Working Environments London Ltd"

Mr R. Niziolek - Commercial Director, Working Environments London Ltd

"Very balanced and very tactful. He made all parties feel at ease"

Solicitor - Birmingham

"Ray is an excellent mediator. His sensible, pragmatic approach and ease of dealing with the parties definitely helped to resolve the matter"

Partner - London

"I just wanted to say how much I learned from your mediation. I believe it was conducted efficiently and professionally and the participants managed to find a good resolution due to your facilitation and skill. You were faithful to the principles of mediation but were flexible in your approach which combined to make, in my view, an effective and successful mediation. I have not been able to write in a similar way after other mediations that I have observed"

Mrs J. Butler - Barrister, Bedford Row Chambers

"Ray immediately develops a sound and realistic grasp of the issues under consideration, his energy, skill and enthusiasm are infectious. He is also very personable which, makes dealing with him a pleasure"

Mr D. Taylor - FILEX, Silks Solicitors Ltd, Dudley

"Ray was able to bring a successful settlement to a matter where the parties, in terms of the value of the pleaded claims were far apart. The mediation was resolved within 5 hours, which was very impressive"

Solicitor - London

"Thank you for being so patient yesterday, I'm so relieved that this long running dispute has finally been resolved. Without you, I'm certain that we'd never have been able to reach an agreement without going to Court - Thank you your sterling efforts"

Party to a mediation - Birmingham

"I was very impressed with Ray. He was robust, and took a direct approach in difficult circumstances and successfully facilitated a settlement. Our client did not expect the mediation to be successful, therefore the input and experience Ray provided as mediator was invaluable"

Solicitor - London

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Civil Mediation Council